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The Design Service

The Nogrid DVD will give you all the information you need to install the system.

We also offer a customised system design service. Using advanced software we can design and specify a bespoke system just for you, based on your location and requirements, to deliver the power you need. So, if you want the reassurance of knowing that your solution will meet your needs then use our design service, we translate your requirements into a working design. You can then source the components you need locally and install yourself using the how-to section of the DVD.

You just need to send us four key pieces of data.

  1. Your location by postal code or zip code.
  2. Your requirements in terms of electrical load in Watts to run your lights and/or heating.  To measure this you need a simple electricity usage meter.  (If you don’t have one – you can pick one up from any good DIY store for a few pounds). Turn off all your electrical appliances so the meter shows zero, and then turn on the lighting/heating combination you want to support.  The meter will give a reading in Watts.
  3. How long in hours you want to be protected when the power goes down. This is a judgement call based on your experience of how long it has taken for the authorities to restore power in the past. For most households a target of between 24 hours (1 day) and 240 hours (10days) is sufficient.
  4. Finally, we’ll need to know the direction your solar panels will face as this will also affect the amount of sunshine your system will harvest.  Decide the best place to mount the solar panel and then measure the direction it will face using a compass.

Based on the information you send us, we create a design for you based on your requirements and send a validated design to you by email.

There are two options:

The standard design service works out the basic design for you to source the components locally.  The price for the basic design service is £24.99

The enhanced design service provides a complete design with kit lists and potential places to buy the components you need locally. The price for the extended design service is £49.99


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