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Nogrid is a stand-alone system that collects solar power from a standard solar panel, and then stores it ready to provide lighting and heating in the event of a power cut.

nogrid system diagram showing how energy is harvested from sunlight and stored ready to provide power if the grid fails

Energy from sunlight is harvested by the solar panel and stored in a battery.  When required, energy is taken from the battery and converted into utility power for use as you wish. The amount of energy varies with the seasons and so there is a trough in the winter and a peak in the summer.  This is the reason to have a battery to be able to store the energy during poor weather.


nogrid diagram showing how the system works when the power fails

When the Grid is unavailable because of a technical failure, winter storm or other severe weather event.  The power system has two functions.  The first is to keep the lights on and the second is to be able to run the heating systems.  Depending on what size system you decide to use it can potentially do both at the same time.

Key Benefits

The system gives you easy access to warmth and light, when without it you would have neither.


nogrid system diagram


During extended periods of poor weather, when there is not enough sunlight to maintain the battery’s capacity, the system takes energy from the grid to ensure that if required the full power capability of the system will be available.


nogrid system diagram


If the system should suffer from a technical failure, while waiting for repair it is possible to bypass the system completely and run from Grid power until repairs are completed.