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8.5 % Increase in Electricity prices

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SSE have put up Electricity prices again  by 8.5% more than 3 times the rate of inflation and certainly more than wages are increasing. This only the first round in the next jacking up of prices by the energy cartel.

How much next time? Prices have already risen more than 20% in the last few years and doubled since 1990.

Fight back in the only way that counts take money from their pockets by generating your own energy that’s all you need to do getting off the grid for just a few hours a day could save you hundreds of pounds of year and give you energy secuirity against blackouts and severe weather.

EON Mothballs power stations

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European energy company EON are mothballling powerstations  on the back of increases in Microgeneration. Germany has more microgenerators than almost anyone else. It just shows the impact on traditional power systems that microgeneration is going to have.

Severe weather damage to power grid to cost US 33 Billion

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The Whitehouse has reported on the impact of severe weather on the US power grid at $33 Billion, they say the grid has to become more resilient but don’t say how!

Not much can be done to protect thousands of miles of overhead lines of course if you generate your own energy for critical loads lighting and heating you can be much less worried.

You can see the report in detail here.