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Please read the FAQ below as it should answer most questions:

If you don’t find what you’re looking for, please e-mail nogridguy@nogrid.co.uk.


Can I use the system to power normal household appliances?

Normal household appliances require too much energy for the system to be able to support them.


What kind of heating systems can be used?

The system was designed for use with Gas or Oil heating systems


Can I use the system to power a fridge or freezer?

Fridges and freezers require too much power to be able to be supported.

In a power outage situation a freezer should be good for 48 hours without power if the door is kept closed and the room is not too hot.


Can I power electric heating or Air-conditioning?

Electric heating or Air-conditioning  require too much energy for the system to be able to support them.


What the design life of the system?

The main system components have a design life of 25 years, the life of batteries is subjective and is greatly affected by operating conditions, 2 to 10 years depending on use.


What is the payback time on system?

Having heat and light when you need it is priceless.  If you use the system to provide lighting on a permanent basis then it should pay for itself over time depending on the local cost of energy.


How reliable is the system?

The system has few moving parts and as with all modern electronics should give years of trouble-free service.  All parts carry their original manufacturer’s warranty any early failures should be covered by this.


How safe is the system?

Compared with the alternatives, for example kerosene lamps and candles, the system is extremely safe because it powers the existing house systems, so it’s extremely safe. Comparatively there are over 40 fires started by candles every day.


What kind of electric lamps do I use with the system.

You can use any kind of electric lamp, for best performance LED or compact fluorescent lamps should be used.